Trust Toolen’s for your Footwear Needs

We carry the top brands in running, walking and athletic footwear.

Years of experience fitting shoes for all foot shapes and sizes.

Personal gate analysis to ensure the perfect shoe for your needs.

Superior, quality products for the longevity of your running, walking, fitness, or everyday use.

Whether your shoes take you through a busy day, around the block, or across the finish line, having a shoe that feels great is important! With our expert shoe-fitting, wide selection, and industry relationships, you can find that perfect shoe to match your personal style and foot type.

Clothing that is purpose driven & lifestyle oriented

Our apparel is made to last the decade, not just the season.

Try before you buy to ensure a comfortable fit.

Apparel is thoughtfully selected for the needs of the runner/walker/athlete based on the season of the year or reason of the wearing.

Apparel at Toolen’s Running Start is not only fashion forward, it is purpose driven to fulfill a need during your run, walk, or fitness activity.

For both athletic and casual wear, it’s critical that the clothing feels comfortable and gives you the confidence to tackle your goals. This all starts with the shopping experience. Our family goes to great lengths to ensure customers are provided with the highest quality products that are hand-selected to fit their specific needs.

Accessories for Life's Many Adventures

Huge selection of training gear & accessories.

High-quality products.

Expert opinions from experienced professionals.

Gadgets and technology are always changing. For over 20 years our family has been hand-selecting accessories that enhance the running/walking/fitness experience. Our meticulous approach to sourcing top-performing products ensures our selections are just like our customers – champions!


Once you try on a pair of superior running and athletic socks, you will never go back to the 6-pack cotton socks ever again! We sell some of the best brands including Feetures, Balega, Wigwam, and Thorlos.

Electronic Accessories

Activity trackers and smartwatches will motivate you to reach your walking, running, and health goals by allowing you to plan and record your daily activity. Once recorded, you can share your achievements with your trainer, friends, or family!

We also carry lightweight, organically designed open ear headphones with the most recent bone conduction technology!

Reflective & Hydration Items

Stay hydrated and stay seen with items that are engineered for comfort during your run or workout!

Training, Rehabilitation & Recovery

We believe in the human body’s ability to go beyond the limits. Whether you are suffering from an injury or seeking to prevent one, our line of products will help you recover, restore, and perform your best.


We carry a wide range of top-tier nutritional and hydration supplements designed for the active individual – many of which are not found in your typical supplement store!


Stay fashionable while also protecting your vision! No matter the adventure, rely on our sturdy, high-quality sunglasses built to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and harmful rays.


Gear up with additional hand-selected items you never knew existed, but make all the difference in the world during your run or workout. No matter your need, our team will consult you on the right products and solutions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.




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